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If you're looking to sell your house fast, there are some things to consider before you jump right into it. While most people will try to use real estate agents, and in some subdivisions homes really do go quickly, there are some other factors to take into account when trying to put a home on the market.

Assessing the property

What's the state of your home? How many repairs are needed? Are they minor or significant, and how much will they cost? These are the primary questions a homeowner must ask when looking to put their house on the market. This is mainly because there will be a proportional sales value to amount put into repairs. And in some cases, repairs may be completely necessary before you can sell your home, especially if it's in a state that's borderline uninhabitable. 

If the repairs needed are minor, it may be worth doing them just to improve curb appeal and reducing the amount of leverage a potential buyer can hold in negotiations. If they're major, then you'll want to make them happen but you don't want to put in too much money into the renovations or repairs because the value you get on the purchase price may not go up as much the cost invested, and sometimes new homeowners are just going to rip out a lot of that material anyway so that they can personalize the look and feel of the home.

If repairs are severely needed and you either can't make them work or the cost would simply be equivalent to the amount you'd get at sale, then you may consider other options, such as looking for a real estate investor, like Home Buyer Houston. Companies like that will buy a home in any condition, although it will be a lot lower than if you're able to sell it on the market, it will relieve you of the burden and stress of a property while still putting cash in your pocket. This is often an ideal situation for those that can't afford repairs or have a tight timeline like foreclosure in which they really need to get out.


Listing on the MLS

if you're going to list on the MLS, make sure that the pictures taken are high quality and really complement your home. Fish-eye or wide angle lens are often ideal and aerial photos of the property are generally best for the cover photo of listings. Bad lighting and bad overall photos will hurt your home's chances of being sold, and that is often one of the biggest mistakes that leads to homes either not being sold or simply not getting a lot of showings. 

Look into the track record of your real estate agent. Find out what their existing listings look like, what type of homes they've sold, how long they've been around, and what other sort of marketing tactics the use. Some agents will use things like Send Out Cards to attract other buyers (and sometimes sellers), while others will use Facebook to advertise their homes. More modern real estate agents have a local following on Facebook that allows them to reach an organic audience. Others will budget a certain amount to ads which will help attract otherwise unconnected potential buyers as well. But it's important to do your research on agents if you want to optimize your chances at a quick sale with optimal sales price.


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